How Single Women Use their Cellulars for Dating

Half of women enjoy flirting through text messages

The fact that mobile phones are more than just communication devices nowadays is a well known fact. Samsung has just led a survey which revealed that cellulars play a considerable role in organizing the lives of single women.

Many people look in their new handsets for a large number of evolved functions. Camera, 3G, email, calendar, voice dial, internet at fast speeds, all these can be packed in a slim and elegant case just to fit perfectly in a purse or a woman's small hands.

"A cell phone does much more than make calls for the Single Mobile Female", said Randy Smith, vice president of channel marketing for Samsung. "The cell phone is an integral part of the SMF's life, serving as a pocket-size detective, matchmaker, wing-woman and beyond. It is now officially a girl's best friend". That's easy to understand, as single people are usually more socially active and interact with a larger number of people.

Almost 40 percent of the women taking part in this survey have confessed to have gone through the experience of "text shame", feeling remorse for text messages they had sent the previous day. Almost three quarters of them look at their mobile phones rather than at their watch to get the time and the same number of single women keep track of contacts using the cellular's address book.

Almost 80 percent of these women give their phone number to the persons that they are attracted to. More than 30 percent of them have also confessed to see in other people's handset a statement of their social status. More than 10 percent of them would not date someone who owns a cheap and unattractive phone model.

Samsung has conducted this survey on more than 500 single women from the US, aged between 18 and 35.

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