How Not to Get Ripped Off on Black Friday – Video

Scambook experts offer some valuable advice for shoppers

As Black Friday approaches, many people are planning to do some serious shopping. However, experts warn that you shouldn't get your hopes up because prices are not the lowest of the season.

Scambook’s Kevan explains that scammers and businesses often create a sense of urgency to ensure they sell their products. How many times have you heard the phrase “Act now or miss out” or “it’s the last one in stock”?

By falling for these sales tactics, you don’t benefit from great deals; instead, you’re being manipulated into purchasing impulsively.

The main tip for shoppers is: be mindful of companies creating a sense of urgency to manipulate you. Don’t be blinded by the apparently hard-to-turn-down offers.

This advice doesn’t apply only to Black Friday, but to the whole year.

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