How Microsoft IT Does Windows Azure

See for yourselves via the Microsoft IT Showcase on TechNet

Microsoft IT is sharing the best practices and experiences associated with leveraging the company’s own technologies with the world via a Showcase website on TechNet.

IT professionals that want to get insight into how the software giant plans for, deploys, and manages its own enterprise solutions need to check out Microsoft IT Showcase – all the content is provided free of charge.

A member of the Windows Azure team noted the fact that IT pros can also get insight into how Microsoft IT does Windows Azure.

“If you’re interested in how Microsoft IT has implemented Windows Azure across its global enterprise, be sure to check out this new IT Showcase content, which detail how Microsoft IT has deployed Windows Azure internally and the best practices and lessons the organization learned along the way,” the Windows Azure representative noted.

IT pros will be able to find extensive content shared by the software giant on the Windows Azure platform, as well as on private Clouds.

The company is not shy about underlining Windows Azure’s role in supporting the website, for example. However, customers can also find out what it takes to support and monitor business-critical applications migrated to Windows Azure.

But then again, Windows Azure is a public Cloud, and the company is well aware that not all customers are ready for such a jump.

In this context, Microsoft is also providing guidance on how it’s embracing private Clouds, designed to be an intermediary step between on-premises deployments and the public Cloud.

“Microsoft IT Showcase delivers the best practices and experiences from Microsoft IT to provide an inside view into how the organization plans for, deploys, and manages its own enterprise solutions,” the Windows Azure team member revealed.

“The goal of sharing these best practices and cost saving scenarios is to help customers make decisions about how best to plan for, deploy, and manage Microsoft solutions in their own environment.”

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