How Kate Upton Prepared for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Cover

Diet cleanse, daily workouts and no carbs: Kate’s trainer tells all about intense routine

Kate Upton is often in a position in which she has to defend herself against critics calling her “fat” or even saying she has no right to call herself a “model” because of it. As it turns out, it’s not rare that she has to put in extra hours at the gym or go on a diet cleanse to prepare for a job.

As you must already know, Kate is the cover girl of the Swimsuit Issue of Sports Illustrated for the second year in a row.

Her trainer, David Kirsch, spoke with People magazine about the grueling routine he put her on since August, in preparation for the shoot that would see her prance around in skimpy bathing suits in Antarctica.

Because she had to look her best, Kate never complained about the intense workouts or about being put on a diet, not even when she was told she must do a cleanse for 2 whole weeks every month, Kirsch says.

In August, the two met and came up with a schedule that would get her in the best shape possible. It included, at first, two weeks of daily workouts twice a day.

After that, Kate would exercise only once a day, five to six days a week, in one and a half two-hour sessions.

“[She did] boot camp circuit training mixed in with cardio. Running, rowing and the elliptical,” Kirsch tells People.

“Legs, inner thighs, hips, butt, abs and arms. Anything that shows when you’re wearing a bathing suit. Which is… everything!” the celebrity trainer adds of the areas they focused on.

Of course, Kate also had to overhaul her diet – and that meant no more carbs, no more alcohol and no more sugar.

“She followed my ABC’s — no alcohol, bread or processed carbs – and no sugar — 24/7 with no cheat days,” Kirsch says.

For two weeks of every month, Kate went on a cleanse, which meant she only “ate” protein shakes and green drinks.

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