How “Iron Man 3” Should Have Ended

Parody video highlights some flaws with blockbuster film, proposes new ending

By on May 31st, 2013 15:31 GMT

“Iron Man 3” is officially the fifth biggest grossing movie of all times and this means that a) people loved it, and b) most fans of action superhero movies have already seen it by now. This should make the spoiler-heavy video above ok to watch.

As the headline says, this is a How It Should Have Ended video from HISHE, and perhaps the funniest in a while, if I say so myself.

Besides proposing a far more logical ending to the blockbuster, it also manages to highlight in a funny manner the huge flaws within the story.

At the same time, it brings Iron Man, Batman, and Superman together again, at the same ol’ same ol’ table in that coffee shop.

Superman’s reaction to the predicament the other two superheroes find themselves in is hilarious.

Without further ado, do enjoy!