How Acne-Scarred Girl Is a Gorgeous Model – Video

Cassandra Bankson relies on makeup to deal with her insecurities about her severe acne

Being acne-scarred and being a model seem notions that contradict themselves but, even if they do, Cassandra Bankson is the living example that anything's possible if you have the right makeup products.

Bankson must be a name that rings a bell mostly with girls and women who turn to the Internet for tips and tutorials on how to apply makeup, do their hair or even come out with the perfect party outfit.

It's in the virtual realm that she gained incredible popularity, after daring to face her biggest fear and reveal her true self to those who are watching her YouTube videos: with a face covered in pimples, blemishes and sores.

Cassandra is 19 but her acne is still very bad. Still, she manages to cover it up with layers and layers of foundation and powder, to present to the world a clean, radiant face.

Believe it or not, but Cassandra is actually a model and, because of her videos, a role model for millions of other girls in the same situation as her.

As she says in the video embedded at the end of the article, in which she talks about her insecurities, her example should stand as proof that everything is possible, if only you want it badly enough.

The video is not brand new but it's illustrative to the discussion at hand: Cassandra reveals that, underneath the apparently impeccable complexion is a young woman just like any other.

Inversely, any woman like her can look as great as she does and perhaps even manage to overcome her insecurities. She can definitely learn a thing or two about how to apply foundation to cover even the smallest imperfection.

“I feel really disgusting. This is probably the most nerve-wracking thing I could possibly do because it is my biggest insecurity... But this is my face,” she says, after removing the makeup she usually has on.

“The sad part is it's a lot better than it used to be. I mean it's still all over my chest, all over my back, it's everywhere and you can see it goes down my neck, it's all to the side, it even got on my ear,” Cassandra says.

“It's gotten a lot better but it's still really, really bad. It's my biggest insecurity,” she adds.

Luckily, she's an expert at applying makeup to cover her acne-scarred skin – so she proceeds to doing just that, to show others who can do the same and achieve the same remarkable results.

The video is below and, in all fairness, it's truly worth watching.


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