Housecleaning Tip: Clean Your Toilet with Kool-Aid

If you’re a fan of Kool-Aid, you should probably know that you can also use it in another, less conventional way. For instance, you can use it – particularly the orange flavor – to make your toilet bowl spotless.

Of course, there are countless chemical products out there that can help you with stains or build up on the bowl, but if you feel like trying out something that requires zero effort on your part, Kool-Aid is the way to go.

Apartment Therapy promises guaranteed satisfaction with Kool-Aid. It may sound a bit odd at first, but don’t knock it until you try, the e-zine says. You could find it has several advantages over regular cleaning products.

“Sometimes you’re looking for the easy way out [of cleaning your toilet]. Who knew that method would turn us to the pantry and, more specifically, to Kool-Aid?” Apartment Therapy writes.

If you can get wonderful results with Lemon Kool-Aid when it comes to cleaning your dishwasher, the Orange version is ideal for toilets, it would see.

“Although lemon works great, check out the ingredients in orange... it’s the citric acid that helps to clean your bowl! All you have to do is sprinkle the contents of the package in before you head to bed, swirl it around with a toilet bowl brush, and let it sit over night,” Apartment Therapy writes.

When you wake up in the morning, you will notice that Kool-Aid has done all the work for you, so you’re spared the scrubbing, inhaling fumes and other inconveniences that come with some cleaning products.

“The acid in the drink mix will go to work cleaning away tough stains and build up if you don’t have the best water conditions,” Apartment Therapy says.

And there’s one more advantage, though this one only comes to pet owners. If your dog is in the habit of quenching his thirst straight from the toilet bowl, he’ll definitely be pleasantly surprised when he visits the bathroom during the night to drink: fruit-flavored water.

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