House Owners Put On Amazing Dubstep Christmas Lights Spectacle

A tune by Skrillex gets a carol remix with a holiday visual

I stumbled upon this video of a house decorated for Christmas, in a modern yet unorthodox way. The clip, put forward by Buzzfeed and uploaded by user WeaponXCrash, starts off with a regular Christmas light display, but erupts into a dubstep spectacle.

If it doesn't appear that way at first, just fast forward to the section 2 minutes into the recording. A carol is remixed, featuring dubstep sounds.

You will hear "Skrillex-Bangarang (feat. Sirah)" playing, with a coordinated light show as the visual. Skrillex's music has become synonymous with dubstep recently, but, even as it turns so mainstream it is no longer underground, it can still surprise in combinations such as this one.

The upload has received over 600,000 views since Wednesday, with more than 10,000 YouTubers pressing the “Like” button.

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