Hottest Day on Record: Temperature in Sydney Hits All-Time High

Temperatures reach 45.8 degrees Celsius, even 46.4 in some places

Recent news from Australia informs us that the meteorologists who decided to add two new colors to this country's temperatures chart were quite inspired when making that decision.

To cut a long story short, this country's most populous city, Sydney, was given the opportunity to experience its hottest day on record: temperatures on Friday spiked to an impressive 45.8 degrees Celsius (114.44 degrees Fahrenheit), and in some places (i.e. at the airport) they even made it to 46.4 degrees Celsius (115.52 degree Fahrenheit).

For those unaware, the previous record for such extreme weather manifestations was established back in 1939, when the mercury went all the way up to 45.3 degrees Celsius (113.54 degree Fahrenheit).

Specialists explain that the massive heat wave now wreaking havoc in Australia was caused by a reduced cloud cover over the country's central and western regions.

Seeing how this situation lasted for several consecutive weeks, it comes as only natural that a hot air mass was formed.

“Reduced cloud cover over central and western Australia during the past few weeks has allowed a very hot air mass to build. This heat has periodically made its way towards the nation's coast due to the passage of low pressure troughs across the nation's south,” stated meteorologist Ben Domensino.

Daily Mail reports that those who took the time to visit local beaches got the opportunity to cool off to a certain extent.

However, those who had no choice except go about their business as they normally would have were faced with traffic chaos.

This was because both traffic lights and several critical power units broke down as a result of the intense heat.

Local authorities have warned that those who venture out on the streets must carry a bottle of water with them, and that they should also make sure that they wear appropriate clothing and use sunscreen protection.

As a result of this heat wave, Australian firefighters are now busy trying to put out several massive wildfires.

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