Hotmail Officially Dead: Users Ready to Switch to Gmail, Yahoo Mail

Many users disagree with Microsoft’s decision to retire Hotmail

Microsoft killed Hotmail a few hours ago, as it completed the transition to, its new email platform that’s expected to provide at least the same features as its predecessor and so much more.

Even though Hotmail users have already expressed their frustration towards this email platform’s retirement several times before, Microsoft said that eventually, everybody is going to love the new

And still, users continue to be outraged with this decision and many warn that they might soon switch to Gmail or Yahoo Mail if Hotmail doesn’t come back.

Here are a few comments received from our readers in the last few hours:

“Hotmail is dead and so are my Hotmail accounts. I moved (all of them but one) to Gmail because I don't like the lackluster ‘Metro-reinvention’ of”

“I had preferred Hotmail over Yahoo the past few years. Now I am back to preferring Yahoo. It isn't about change, I can adapt. I just don't like the layout/how it looks.”

“My question to Hotmail is ‘Why?’ I do not understand this at all. I have used Hotmail for over 15 years now. Now - I am thinking of closing my account.”

“I truly miss my old look of Hotmail. I hate the new Outlook platform, I am thinking about cancelling my Hotmail account since I have Gmail anyhow, but I have had Hotmail forever!”

“Not very nice. I will probably switch to something else.”

As far as Microsoft is concerned, most users are satisfied with this transition. The company posted a few testimonials in its Hotmail retirement announcement to show us that Hotmail fans could really adapt to the new platform fast and easily.

And to make sure that it won’t lose so many users, the company is still allowing them to login to using the @Hotmail email addresses. Still, the problem seems to be the interface and the layout of the new email service.

What do you think about the new Use the comment section below to express your opinion.

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