Hotline Miami Developer Loves Creativity, Doesn’t Want Money

He will continue to allow players to pirate his games

Jonatan Soderstrom, the developer of recent indie sensation Hotline Miami, says that he is interested in video games not because of money but because they offer him the chance to express himself in novel ways.

The developer says to VG247 that, “I’m not making games to make money. I do want to make money, but it’s not my major intention with my creativity. I just like expressing myself, making cool stuff, and like, if you don’t want to pay for the game but want to play it anyway, I’m not going to stop people from doing that.”

He claims that he is more interested in getting his fans to play the games he is creating than getting as many of them to buy the games and he is willing to suffer financial losses to achieve this aim.

Recently, Soderstrom has commented on a version of his game offered on PirateBay and has been willing to give the pirates the newest patch in order to make sure they are playing the best possible version of Hotline Miami.

The developer adds, “I want to make enough money to make bigger games, and that’ probably not something I’m able to do if I have to get a job, and of course I want to be able to pay rent and buy food from what I do.”

Soderstrom says that he is getting ready to work on a new title which will be as creative and, possibly, as successful as Hotline Miami.

A number of high profile developers and publishers have complained about the impact of piracy on the PC and have postponed or even eliminated versions of their games in order to lessen its impact.

But recently, the PC market has become important again, mainly because of the free-to-play and the MMO segment, where pirates have little ability to steal content.

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