Hot Soups Served in Melamine Bowls Linked to Kidney Stones

Study says melamine bowls are not the safest way to enjoy lunch

The scientific journal JAMA Internal Medicine has recently witnessed the publication of a new study stating that eating hot soups and other similar culinary delights from melamine bowls ups one's chances of developing kidney stones at some point in their lives.

Apparently, this is because the food's elevated temperature heats these bowls to a considerable extent, causing them to release some of the melamine they are made up of into the soup or the dish they contain.

As the person continues eating, he/she ends up ingesting not just food, but also some melamine, the researchers explain.

Add to this the fact that several other studies have shown that exposure to this chemical compound can make an individual more prone to developing kidney stones at one point in the lives, and odds are some people might wish to reconsider their choice of dishware.

According to Health Land, these troubling conclusions concerning the practice of eating soup from melamine bowls were reached by asking a total of 12 volunteers to gulp down roughly 500 ml of hot noodle soup.

Whereas some of them were served in melamine bowls, the remainder got to eat from ceramic ones.

A few hours after their enjoying their soups, the volunteers had their urine collected and tested by the scientists.

It was discovered that the total melamine concentration in urine was 8.35 mcg for the volunteers belonging to the first category, and 1.31 mcg for those belonging to the second.

Commenting on the findings of this study, Dr. Ken Spaeth, currently employed as the director of the Occupational and Environmental Medicine Center at North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset, N.Y argued as follows:

“It is a very small study, but it raises questions. It suggests that the chemical can migrate from kitchenware to food and into us, and can reach levels higher than we previously thought to be the case.”

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