Hot Girls Strip in Pool Video Game

Dream Models as playable characters

Looks like guys lurking in pool halls in search for girls will finally get their share of the gaming world with this Pocket Pool.

Apparently, this PSP pool game will feature a provocative adult theme, which will be provided by J. Stephen Hicks, described by the game's developer as the web's premier glamour photographer. I'm telling you this because the game will feature a gallery of models, who will strip if you advance in the game.

You could probably say that this game is some sort of a strip-poker game. The adult content will be unlockable once you advance in the game. This story comes via who reports that the game is developed by Conspiracy games.

Pool Pocket will consists of 13 pool games, such as 9 ball, (my favorite), 8 ball, Rotation, Black Jack and Snooker. Maybe we will see Ronnie O'Sullivan himself (the world's no 1 snooker player) trying out the game. Players will be able to visit pool halls, bars, cruise ships, casinos and night clubs. Wherever there is a pool table, you will be able to go. The game's graphics will not be that bad, as it will benefit from realistic physics and full 3D engine.

Maybe the most important part of the game is that the Dream Models will appear as playable characters, and while players advance in the game, they will be able to see 20 Dream Models videos, 100 hot pictures and extra special online downloads.

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