Hot Blond Naughty Teacher Boosts YouTube Audience

Marina... the hottest YouTube attraction

Her name is Marina and she's probably the hottest YouTube attraction these days. In case you haven't seen any of her videos, the user named hotforwords seems to be YouTube's naughty teacher who likes to explain words in an unique way. Her YouTube channel has no less than 397,329 views at this time with 11,845 subscribers who view all her clips. Her top video recorded 416,271 views which is pretty impressive for a YouTube user. What's more interesting is that our favorite teacher refused to give too many details about her as she posted only her age and her name: Marina - 26 year old. Maybe those are fake too but who knows?

Since she registered for an account on YouTube, February 26, 2007, Marina managed to boost YouTube's audience with thousands of viewers. She even created her own website which redirects the users to her special YouTube channel which hosts all the videos uploaded on the Google video sharing service.

"My name is Marina and I am a philologist. I love to discuss the origins of words. So if you have any words you'd like me to discuss, please send me a comment!" she wrote on the main page of her video channel.

Since YouTube was acquired by Google in October 2006 for $1.65 billion, the online video sharing service grew up a lot and became one of the top web-based technologies. But what's more impressive is that it managed to lure all the categories of users from police officers and students to hot models and US presidential candidates.

However, most of the users are attracted by the homemade content uploaded by ordinary users, just like Marina's videos who published no less than 44 clips. If you want to view the naughty teacher's YouTube video channel click here.

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