HostGator India Hacked and Defaced by Cyber-ROG Team

The attackers have added a defacement page to the main domain

Cyber-ROG, a group claiming to be affiliated with the Anonymous movement, has hacked the website of HostGator India (

The hackers have added a defacement page to, most likely uploaded via FTP, The Hacker News reports.

“Lol look at your face you got pwned man. Secure your website next time we will be back,” the hackers wrote.

The defacement page has been removed from the website. However, unfortunately, this isn’t the first time when HostGator India is proven to be vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Back in January, security researcher Aarshit Mittal identified a persistent cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability that affected over 1 million websites hosted with HostGator.

“Each and every website hosted with and IndiaGetOnline is vulnerable to this vulnerability,” the expert said at the time.

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