“Horse Meat in Burgers” Scandal Aside, Eating Caballine Products Is Not So Bad

Horse meat is actually quite nutritious, better than beef in some respects

The news that several brands manufacturing and marketing beef burgers in the United Kingdom and in Ireland somehow ended up adding horse meat to their list of ingredients made headlines.

This happened because, at least as far as Brits, Americans and several European nations are concerned, eating horse meat is taboo.

However, should one only take into consideration scientific facts concerning nutrition, eating caballine products might not be such a bad idea, Science Base explains.

This is because, as peculiar as this may sound, horse meat is actually leaner than beef.

As well as this, horse meat contains twice the amounts of iron beef does, not to mention the fact that its omega-3 fatty acids levels are much higher than those reported for beef (i.e. 360 mg/100g as compared to 21 mg/100g).

Furthermore, it looks like horse meat has twice as much vitamin B12 than beef does.

Granted, beef trumps horse meat when it comes to vitamins such as B6 and B3, but this does not seem like a good enough reason to dismiss caballine products altogether.

Just for the record, several nations approve of the practice of eating horse meat (eg. China, Japan, France, Italy and Switzerland) and they seem to be doing just fine.

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