Hope Solo’s Boyfriend Arrested After Domestic Dispute

Jerramy Stevens arrested on suspicion of domestic abuse, walks a few hours later

Hope Solo and boyfriend Jerramy Stevens got into a very nasty fight only a few hours ago. The dispute escalated and became physical at one point, with Stevens being arrested on suspicion of domestic abuse.

He’s been released ever since.

TMZ reports that, when police arrived at the home the two shared, Hope had blood on her elbow, which seemed to indicate that she’d been roughed up by Stevens.

However, she refused to cooperate with the officers and did not provide any details about the fight. Neither would she say whether she’d been manhandled in any way.

“Hope was spotted inside a Seattle courtroom this afternoon, where Stevens was facing a 4th degree assault charge stemming from an incident at a home in Kirkland, WA,” TMZ says.

“According to Chris Daniels at KING-TV, cops say Solo and Stevens were involved in an altercation around 3:45 AM on Monday... after arguing about where they will live after they get married – Florida or Washington,” the same media outlet writes.

Eventually, Stevens walked only a few hours later, because a judge could not determine for a fact that there’s been an instance of domestic abuse in the first place. There wasn’t any evidence to prosecute.

“Stevens is now off the hook because the judge decided there was not enough evidence to charge him with a crime. He has since been released from custody,” TMZ confirms.

Solo and Stevens have been dating since August this year, since Hope returned from the Olympics. They are officially engaged but have yet to publicly announce a wedding date.

How the recent events / altercation will impact their wedding plans is yet uncertain. For their part, neither star has released a statement yet on the alleged domestic abuse – not even to deny it ever taking place.

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