Hope Solo Married Fiancé Jerramy Stevens After Domestic Abuse Arrest

Couple went ahead with the wedding despite massive fight one day before

Just the other day, Hope Solo’s fiancé Jerramy Stevens was arrested after a massive domestic dispute that seemed, according to police documents, to have escalated into abuse. The two were married the following day as if nothing had happened.

As we also reported at the time, Stevens and Solo got into a massive fight over where they would live after the wedding.

Someone called the cops and they determined Jerramy might have gotten physical to Hope. The two were married just hours after the incident, ESPN says, citing ongoing (but still unconfirmed) reports.

“KING5.com in Seattle reported Solo and Stevens were married Tuesday night in a small ceremony near Snohomish, Wash. Only close family and friends were in attendance, with one of Solo's friends describing the wedding as ‘beautiful,’ the station reported,” ESPN writes.

“Dave Mahler, a sports-talk radio host on Seattle's KJR, also tweeted: ‘Confirmed: Jerramy Stevens and Hope Solo were married tonight. Events of yesterday morning didn't change plans. Sounds like more facts comin’,” the same media outlet reports.

For the time being, neither star addressed the reports of the nuptials or, for that matter, the domestic dispute that preceded it.

Stevens was released hours after the arrest on suspicion of fourth-degree domestic violence assault because Hope would not cooperate with the police.

Consequently, a judge ruled that the traces of blood on her elbow did not constitute enough evidence to have him prosecuted, so he was not charged and walked.

Stevens and Solo applied for a marriage license on November 8, just a couple of months after they started dating.

Their romance played out away from the public eye, but this all changed when police arrested him and word spread in the media that he’d been abusive to her – or, at the very least, that there was indications he might have.

As it turns out, things weren’t quite as they seemed, considering that she married him after all.

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