HootSuite Inadvertently Exposes Email Addresses of Thousands of Users

The company's representatives have blamed a technical issue

Social management company HootSuit has mistakenly exposed the names and email addresses of as many as 4,000 users.

A couple of days ago, customers whose 60-day HootSuit Pro trial was about to expire were notified via email. However, the recipients didn’t see only their own email address, but also the ones of others, The Next Web reports.

Apparently, some users have gained access to the addresses of over 1,000 individuals.

In a statement, the company’s representatives claimed that “under 4,000” users were affected by the incident.

“HootSuite experienced a technical issue related to our integration of Seesmic accounts with our existing HootSuite user accounts. The failing system resulted in email notifications intended for our new Seesmic users being sent out repeatedly and in some cases user email addresses were exposed in the message headers,” company CEO Ryan Holmes said.

Holmes asked those who received the flawed emails to delete them in order to help the firm contain the incident.

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