Honey Boo Boo Gets Pet Chicken from PETA, Names It “Nugget”

The reality star must change the name to “Not a Nugget,” the organization says

Honey Boo Boo now has a pet chicken given to her by green-oriented group PETA.

As one can easily imagine, PETA's goal was to make this reality star understand that animals are best kept as pets and not eaten.

However, their plan backfired when Honey Boo Boo decided to name the chicken “Nugget.”

PETA is now asking that Honey Boo Boo name her chicken “Not a Nugget,” and even wants to send her an “I Am Not a Nugget” T-shirt.

“As I'm sure you are learning from your chicken, chickens are smart, interesting animals with personalities of their own,” reads PETA's letter to this reality star.

Furthermore, “Changing Nugget's name to 'Not a Nugget' will let your fans know that they should be nice to chickens by not eating them.”

However, there are many who doubt that Honey Boo Boo will take PETA's opinion into consideration and change her pet chicken's name to “Not a Nugget.”

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