Honey Boo Boo Ban: Mama June Ditches Crazy Tony

He’s too crazy for reality television, Mama June says

Mama June proves once more that, when it comes to handling business, no one can do it better than she can: the Honey Boo Boo matriarch has just decided that Crazy Tony, one of the stars on TLC’s “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo,” is too crazy for television.

Consequently, he’s been banned and will never again be featured on the insanely successful (and just as hated) TV series, Mama June tells TMZ.

Her decision stems from Crazy Tony’s November arrest when he dressed up as a gorilla and would jump in front of cars on the highway to scare drivers. Check out the video above for more details on that.

“We love him as a friend... but that was a crazy story. Not trying to be mean, but we want to keep it family oriented,” Mama June says, adding that Tony Crazy is not part of the family.

“Crazy Tony's just a family friend... who is just crazy,” she explains.

TMZ also contacted Crazy Tony for comment on this and, while he does admit that his gorilla stunt was crazy and dangerous, he believes that the decision to ban him comes because “TV’s changed that family.”

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