Homeless Man Returns $42K (€31.5K) Found in Bag, Says He Wouldn't Keep a Penny

The money was lost by a Chinese tourist, his documents were inside the bag

A homeless man has found a bag full of money and traveler's checks in Boston and returned it.

A ceremony was held to honor him and his honesty on Monday, USA Today reported. He found the money in a bag a Chinese tourist lost. The container included $42,000 (€31,500) in checks and cash and several passports.

"Even if I were desperate for money, I would not have kept even a ... penny of the money I found," Glen James says.

He even thanked people helping him out with spare change over the years. Police Commissioner Edward Davis praised him and awarded him a citation.

James has been on the streets for eight years, since being fired from a job at a courthouse in Boston. He had worked there for 13 years before getting the boot.

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