Home Shopping Network Host Faints on Air on QVC, Co-Host Carries on Speech

QVC Host Cassie Slane passes out during live TV performance

QVC Host Cassie Slane is shown fainting during a telesales clip, in this footage from last Sunday. In less than 3 days, this clip was watched 770,000 times and it looks like it's going to reach the million views bar.

Most viewers were amazed and unpleasantly surprised by co-host Dan Hughes's reaction. As his colleague lied unconscious in his arms, his first instinct was to keep on selling.

If anyone is wondering, the segment was dedicated to a kid-friendly Android tablet called the FunTab Pro. The manufacturer probably stands to benefit from the unusual form of BTL advertising, so don't be surprised if this starts a trend and you will start to see an outburst of similar incidents.

According to New York Daily News, Slane is fine and has only suffered from a "brief fainting spell," QVC spokesmen say, in response to letters from concerned fans.

As they say, the show must go on.

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