Holly the “Comeback” Cat Puzzles Scientists and Animal Behaviorists Alike

The cat traveled almost 200 miles to get back to its owners

It was not very long ago when I first reported on how a pet cat named Holly traveled an impressive 190 miles to get back to its owners following her being separated from them.

Interestingly enough, animal behaviorists and scientists are still puzzling over how it was exactly that Holly managed to find her way back home.

Sources report that this is because, unlike other animals, cats are not known to be migratory creatures.

Thus, despite their being able to use their sense of smell to move about landscapes they are already familiar with, it is quite unlikely for them to be able to reach a destination located at a considerable distance from where their journey begins.

Still, there are some who claim that Holly most likely allowed the sound and the smell of the ocean to guide her on her trip.

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