Holly Madison Moves Out of Las Vegas Home Because of Pink Doghouse

Homeowners association says it was built in violation of their rules

Holly Madison is moving out of her luxury home in the gated community of Rancho Circle, Las Vegas, because the homeowners association hates the doghouse she built for her 3 pooches – which she painted pink nonetheless.

The former Playboy Bunny, who is now preparing for the arrival of her first child in a few months, tells the Las Vegas Weekly that the HOA has been proving a pain in the neck ever since she and her boyfriend, and their pets, moved there.

Holly is the proud owner of 3 dogs, Louis, Napoleon and Josephine and 2 pet ferrets. With the dogs’ happiness in mind, she set out to build a fancy doghouse for them, which she thought would look even fancier if painted pink.

The HOA failed to see her point of view and, consequently, she’s moving out.

“I built this ridiculous, human-sized doghouse behind my house, and when I went over it with my contractor, he consulted the HOA on all their restrictions and whatnot,” Holly says.

“He told me it has to match the architecture of the house, so I did that with the roof because people would see the roof. It’s possible you could see the roof from the street, but you can’t see any of it from the street, actually,” she explains adding that only a creep would “peek” into her backyard to see that the doghouse did not match the human house.

In the end, though, she’s not even that upset, since she had a hunch from the start that she would not be making her current residence a permanent one.

In fact, Holly stresses, that in itself should tell the HOA people that they’re in the wrong.

“Absolutely, it’s a temporary structure, so it’s not even under their jurisdiction. That would be like harping on someone over their kids’ jungle gym,” she says.

That is the reasoning behind her decision of not paying the monthly fine, choosing instead to just send them “nasty letters.”

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