Hoax Alert: US Government Opens Free Gas Stations

Pranksters are spreading a story published by a satirical news website

A hoax currently making the rounds online claims the US government has decided to open free gas stations in poor neighborhoods. 

“Government Opening Free Gas Stations in Poor Neighborhoods. First ‘Obamastation’ Debuts in Detroit, Seventy Planned Nationwide. As the battle over Obamacare rages in Washington, the White House is quietly using a little known provision of the law to roll out a nationwide network of free gas stations for minorities and the poor,” the hoax messages read.

According to Hoax Slayer, the story was initially published on The Daily Currant, a satirical website that specializes in such fictional stories.

Pranksters have started spreading the bogus news on social media websites. Users who don’t know that The Daily Currant’s news are not real fell for it.

As always, internauts are advised to refrain from sharing such stories without checking out if they’re genuine. Spreading such hoaxes only contributes to making the Internet less safe.

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