Hoax Alert: Sylvester Stallone Dies in Snowboard Accident

The Global Associated News site is once again used to spread fake rumors

The actor Sylvester Stallone is the latest to fall victim to a celebrity death hoax. A link to a story that claims he has died in a snowboard accident is being spread on Twitter.

“Actor Sylvester Stallone is reported to have died shortly after a snowboard accident earlier today - January 21, 2013,” the fake story reads.

This is another one of the hoaxes that use the Global Associated News prank site to spread false rumors. As Hoax Slayer and Travelers Today highlight, Sylvester Stallone is alive and well.

However, it appears there are many users who believe that the story is real and they’ve begun flooding social media websites with posts like:

“Someone just told me Sylvester Stallone is dead. Was killed in a snowboarding accident, is this true? #crazy”

“Sylvester Stallone dies in snowboarding accident, may GOD be with him.”

In December 2012, a similar hoax about Jim Carrey was making the rounds.

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