Hoax Alert: Pay a Fee or All Your Facebook Documents Become Public Tomorrow

The scam is making the rounds on the social media website these days

There’s another “pay up or lose control over your account” scam making the rounds on Facebook. This time, users are told that if they don’t pay a fee to become “gold” members, all their documents become public.

Here’s what the hoax, identified by Hoax Slayer, reads:

“It's official. Communication media. FACEBOOK has just published its price. fee of $? ($ 9.99), to become a member of ‘gold’ and keep your privacy as it is. If you paste this on your wall will be completely free. Otherwise, tomorrow all your documents can become public.

Even those messages that you have deleted or photos that you have not authorized ...... not cost you anything, copy and paste.”

Of course, the claims in the message are not true. Users who fall for it are simply contributing to a hoax.

Facebook has introduced some fees for certain services, but they usually affect companies and those who want to advertise their posts. The social media site isn’t asking any money from regular customers and it will probably remain this way for a long time.

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