Hoax Alert: Jim Carrey Dies in Snowboarding Accident

Another celebrity joins the list of death hoax victims

If you access this Global Associated News website, you’ll find a story about how the actor Jim Carrey has died today, December 12, as a result of a snowboarding accident at the Zermatt ski resort in Zermatt, Switzerland. If you access the same link tomorrow, you’ll see the same story, but it will say that he died on December 13.

That's because the site is specially designed for these types of pranks. However, some users have decided to abuse it to spread false rumors.

The link has been making the rounds on social media websites over the past few days, falsely leading his fans to believe that he is dead.

In reality, Jim Carrey is alive and well but, as Hoax Slayer highlights, he has become the latest victim of celebrity death hoaxes.

Internet users are advised to refrain from sharing such stories without checking out if they’re legitimate. By contributing to such spam campaigns, you’re simply helping cybercriminals ensure the success of similar scams.

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