Hoarder Gets Pinned Under Piles of His Belongings

The Canadian man was rescued by firefighters, when a relative noticed his disappearance

A man from Burnaby, British Columbia, in Canada couldn't escape his hoarding ways and eventually got stuck under piles of items.

The 76-year-old resident was found days after he had become stuck under boxes and stacks of his own belongings. Judging by the picture of his home, supplied by the Daily Mail, he had built himself a giant trap.

Firefighters were called in by a relative who became concerned about not seeing the elderly man for days. When rescue teams arrived, he was dehydrated and one of his legs were injured.

“He couldn’t move or get up so we had to make a forced entry to the house. It became necessary to use a chainsaw to extract him from the material that he was trapped under,”RCMP spokesperson Cpl. David Reid told Metro News Canada.

The circulation to his leg had been cut off, and he might even lose the limb. If someone hadn't broken in to help him, he wouldn't have been able to get up on his own.

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