Hitman: Absolution Plagued by Crashes and Save Corruption on PS3, Xbox 360

A major glitch is affecting owners of Hitman: Absolution on consoles

Hitman: Absolution on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms is currently affected by a rather nasty issue relating to crashes and save file corruption, at least according to quite a few users that have begun complaining on the web.

Hitman: Absolution came out last week and it experienced a pretty successful release on the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 platforms.

Sadly, it seems that the console versions of the game are currently affected by a particularly nasty glitch, which results in a crash of the game and the corruption of the save files.

Many users have begun complaining on the Hitman forums and one particular gamer even had this issue happen twice.

"I spent 6 hours non-stop playing last night, and the game froze," he said. "Thinking it was no big deal, I turned off my console, and restarted the game. I got a message telling me that my save data was corrupt and not able to be recovered."

"Due to how great I think this new addition to the series is, I took it as a fluke, and started another play-through. Several more hours into the game, I turned off my console, thinking I was going to continue playing the next day. Well, apparently I was mistaken, as I've encountered the exact same issue again (without the game freezing) at the main menu, and still cannot resume any games and I'm forced to start over completely."

According to users, the game's crashes are random, but almost every single time they resulted in the corruption of the save files, meaning they had to start the story all over again.

According to one user who allegedly received an email from Square Enix's Support department, corruption of the save games can't be fixed, but owners of Hitman: Absolution should try to clear the game data utility before starting the title on the PS3.

As of yet, an official answer from Square Enix or developer IO Interactive hasn't appeared.

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