Hitler and Saddam Become Road Victims in Gruesome Ad Campaign

Ads depict dictators squashed on windshields, warn motorists to drive cautiously

Dictators are squashed road victims in a literally bloody ad campaign for the Romanian Centre of Consultancy for the Road Victims.

Three billboards were put up, featuring Hitler, Stalin and Saddam Hussein as victims of car crashes, their faces plastered on windshields, with Hitler still showing a combination of emotions, that look like surprise, fear and anger.

The campaign was put together for the Romanian National Road Safety Convention that will be taking place on November 15, and the distinctive, however shock-inducing tactic ads were created by the Publicis Bucharest agency.

"Well, it's not like that. Usually, the victim is an innocent. Drive cautiously, save a life!," the campaign tagline reads.

Whether or not the ads are tolerable, considering what they are trying to achieve, is debatable, as the violent imagery affect could drivers in a negative way, causing more accidents.

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