Hitachi WOO Ketai H001 Comes with 3D Display

The phone can display games, photos and videos in 3D

The latest high-tech and feature-rich mobile phone that should get launched on the Japanese market is the Hitachi-branded AU phone by KDDI Japanese cellular services dubbed WOO Ketai H001. The most impressive feature of this handset can be considered its 3D display, which can deliver games, photos and videos using the 3D technology.

The most attractive part about this feature is the fact that even conventional 2D multimedia content can be virtually optimized to use the 3rd dimension when displayed. Besides the color-accurate IPS-enabled 845×480 screen, which features a 3.1-inch diagonal, the WOO Ketai H001 also sports a 5-megapixel camera.

More features of the Hitachi-branded AU phone include Global Passport CDMA service support, 1Seg broadcasting TV tuners and eWallet functionality, Bluetooth and infrared connectivity, as well as a microSD expansion slot for up to 2GB of additional storage. The phone's battery is reported to provide up to 260 hours of standby time, as well as about 220 minutes of talk time.

The Japanese mobile phone market has a wide offering when it comes to 3G networks and mobile phone-based wallets, which drives the carriers to adding to their lineups more advanced handsets to see leveraged traction from the users. This is why KDDI has come up with the mobile phone that features a display with 3D capabilities, as well as with a large pack of other functionalities.

The Hitachi WOO Ketai H001 mobile phone measures 51 x 111 x 18.6mm and weighs only 145 grams. The handset is expected to hit the Japanese market sometime in spring this year, and it should come in colors like “Flame Red,” “Solid Silver” and “Neon Purple.” Unfortunately, it seems that the manufacturing company does not have plans to offer the device on other markets, at least not in the near future.


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