History Teacher Suspended for Lassoing 13-Year-Old Student

The middle-school student suffered significant rope burns to his neck

A history teacher from Texas might soon have to deal with having several criminal charges filed against him, all because of his accidentally lassoing a 13-year-old student.

Apparently, this history teacher, who used to be employed at the Schrade Middle School in the town of Rowlett but who now finds himself suspended, merely wished to show this student and his colleagues the techniques used by cowboys when herding cattle.

Thus, the teacher reportedly brought a lasso to class, and then asked some of his students to run around, pretending to act like cattle gone haywire.

As the students were running around him, the teacher was supposed to use the lasso in order to try to show them what cowboys would have done when confronted with such situations.

Unfortunately for both one of the students and for the teacher, the latter's demonstration eventually turned out to be a tad too realistic.

Thus, the history teacher accidentally threw his lasso over a 13-year-old's neck, and the rope ended up tightening itself around it.

As was to be expected, the boy suffered injuries in the form of rope burns to his neck, not to mention the fact that he was badly shaken up by the whole experience. His parents maintain that the kid needed a couple of days to recover.

According to Daily Mail, the 13-year-old's parents were appalled, to say the least, when hearing the news about what had happened to their son, and demanded that the history teacher be made to suffer the consequences of his actions as soon as possible.

The incident occurred this past Monday, the same source informs us.

For the time being, local police officials are looking into the possibility of filing criminal charges against this reckless teacher. Needless to say, said school is to conduct its own investigation into this unfortunate accident.

Meanwhile, the teacher argues that he is deeply sorry for his deed, and vows to never bring a lasso to school again.

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