Hindu Devotees Bathe in Foaming Industrial Waste – Photo Gallery

It may look like fresh snow, yet this river “icing” is actually highly toxic

As a result of developing industries, parts of the Yamuna river in India are now covered in foaming industrial waste.

These pictures were taken in New Delhi during the religious Karthik Purnima ceremony.

Although at a first glance some might think that it is all a layer of floating fresh snow, this river’s “icing” is in fact highly toxic.

Apparently, this industrial bubble bath is the reason why the Yamuna is now referred to as the “dead river” by locals: no aquatic life can possibly survive in these conditions.

Still, as the pictures show, Hindu devotees are not to be deterred from going about their worshiping rituals, and some even go that one extra mile and bathe in these toxic waters.

Despite efforts to clean up this river, no significant progress has been made, and some might argue that the fact that the 18 drains which discard 600 million gallons of sewage water in this river on a yearly basis are probably the ones to blame for this situation.


Hindu Devotees Must Now Bathe in Industrial Waste (4 Images)

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