Hilton Starts Recycling Its Mattresses in the US

85% of the hotel chain's old mattresses will be turned into new products

Only recently, the global hotel chain Hilton has made it public news that, it an attempt to further cut down on its ecological footstep and promote sustainable development, it is to launch a new recycling program for old mattresses.

According to company representatives, as many as 85% of the mattresses this hotel chain no longer considers suitable for their customers in the US will be collected and turned into various other products.

More precisely, they will be broken down into their component parts (steep springs, wood, cotton fibers and quilt scraps) and used to make anything from construction materials to oil filters.

Truth be told, it was not very long ago when Hilton Worldwide informed the general public that it had succeeded in achieving its waste reduction goals two years ahead of schedule.

Therefore, it need not come as such a big surprise that the company is also looking into the possibility of recycling whatever items are no longer of any use to its working agenda.

Business Green quotes Randy Gaines, presently employed as the vice president of engineering operations for the Americas at Hilton worldwide, who made a case of how, “Our hotels have purchased more than 50,000 mattresses in the past two years in the US alone.”

Furthermore, “This program presents a great opportunity for our hotels globally, offers a cost savings to owners and underscores Hilton Worldwide's commitment to further reduce our waste output.”

According to the same source, this recycling campaign is to be monitored with the help of LightStay, a system that basically measures the sustainability performances achieved by this hotel chain.

It is to be expected that, should the idea to recycle mattresses in US hotels prove to be a welcomed and successful one, this green-oriented project will be implemented on a much larger scale, and possibly worldwide.

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