Hilarious “Taken” Spoof: “Taken 3: Back to Normal”

Funny Or Die delivers another brilliant parody, this time of Liam Neeson’s franchise

“Taken 2” dropped in theaters last night and, though it’s getting worse reviews than the original, it’s bound to be a hit with audiences. Above is how a threequel might look, courtesy of Funny Or Die.

Bryan Mills, the retired CIA agent, is back to his normal life after the troublesome events in the first 2 films but, as it turns out, some habits are harder to ditch than others.

It seems he’s stuck with this habit of taking everything, from parking spaces to Coca Colas, much to the chagrin of his daughter and wife.

“In a world full of Takers, one man refused to be Taken. When all you know is to Take back what has been Taken from you, where does the Taking end?” a synopsis of the faux flick reads.

Timothy Murphy stands in for Liam Neeson but, even though he does an amazing job at it, we still prefer Neeson.

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