Highest Grossing Movies of All Times – Video

“Gone with the Wind” is still king of the box office after all these years

In case you thought James Cameron’s “Avatar” was the biggest and most spectacular blockbuster of all times, the video below should put things into perspective a bit: it wasn’t.

Yahoo! has released a list of the highest grossing movies of all times, after adjusting their box office gross to inflation. You wouldn’t believe which one sits prettily at number 1.

It’s the 1939 masterpiece “Gone with the Wind,” which made $1.6 billion (€1.2 billion) since release until today. “Star Wars” and “The Sound of Music” come in second and third, respectively.

As the video below shows, box office returns aren’t the only means to measure a film’s success: there’s also cult following, merchandising and critical reception to go by.

However, box office gross seems to be the most important criterion. In today’s Hollywood, it’s definitely the one that weighs the heaviest in the balance when it comes to sequels, prequels, reboots or remakes.

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