High Tech Handcuffs Administer Electric Shocks

A shock is applied automatically when the detainee steps out of a specific area

The handcuffs of the future might look this, and have the added bonus of tasering the detainee wearing them.

According to Patent Bolt, they would have a built-in accelerometer, a potentiometer, an inclinometer, biometric sensors, and camera sensors.

Pictured above is a prototype of the product, which looks similar to regular cuffs, apart from the fact that the design is set to feature electrodes.

The electric shock component is carefully regulated, with the load adjusted only if the person wearing them has no heart issues. A light flashes every time a shock is administered. That would only happen if they cross a boundary, a system similar to ankle cuffs that prisoners serving their sentences at home wear.

The handcuffs were designed for law enforcement, but one can argue that they are inhumane and can actually harm someone.

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