High-Tech Bike Helmet Reads Your Mood and Emotions

The helmet then flashes lights, lets other know how you are feeling

Greenheads are quite fond of riding their bike whenever the situation allows for it. However, the fact remains that one might not always be in the best mood to pedal to work or back home.

Because of this, designer Arlene Ducao decided to develop a bike helmet that pretty much reads minds and lets others know how the person cycling close to them is feeling.

The idea is quite simple: green lights indicate that one is focused and has their eyes on the road, red lights signal anxiety or drowsiness.

Naturally, this makes it easier for drivers to avoid cyclists who may end up causing some problems, even if this was never their intention.

“As many people return to cycling as primary means of transportation, MindRider can support safety by adding visibility and increased awareness to the cyclist/motorist interaction process,” the official website for this innovative helmet explains.

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