High School “Hotness Tournament” Makes Students Self-Conscious

The Washington school has no legal right to shut down the competition

A high school in Issaquah, Washington, has students feeling self-conscious and worried about how it will affect their self-esteem.

Every year, the boys in school hold a competition praising who's “hot” and asking girls to dress up for the occasion so that they can better judge their physical traits.

The May Madness online competition features the “Hotness Tournament” and, as the whole thing goes on online while administrators are not on school grounds, officials cannot stop it.

“Almost every teenage girl has self-esteem issues. [...] And doing something like that is absolutely ridiculous,” student Tristan Robinson says.

The website was shut down due to cyber-bullying last year, but it has popped up again in 2013. Authorities do not know who is behind the site and the contest is already in its fifth year, King 5 writes.

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