High School High Jump in Kenya Goes Viral

Teenagers jump two meters (6.56 feet) front first

A video of high-school students performing high jumps at a school event in Kenya is capturing the attention of sports aficionados.

Two boys are shown competing and they are flying off at heights of up to two meters (6.56 feet), without the use of any poles.

According to Sportige, these students are members of a Masai tribe. The track meet is taking place in the rift valley in Kenya.

They boys are using the rare front first technique, which differs from the Fosbury style most athletes apply to complete similar jumps. The style has been used in the Olympics in 1968 in Mexico City by Dick Fosbury.

This video was shot in February in the town of Mosoriot and it was uploaded to YouTube on May 23, garnering about 800,000 views.

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