High School Girls Selling Sex Via SMS

In Japan

The Japanese police recently took into custody a group of junior and senior high school girls from Tokyo and Saitama, a neighboring city, who used coded messages to sell sex. Real sex, not just virtual sex.

Apparently, potential customers received text messages similar to this: IkebLURV1800Yukichi2JC1, which looks like an illogical association of characters. However, the Japanese authorities managed to decipher the girls' code, which is pretty well thought. The first part refers to the neighborhood the girls live in - in this case "Ikeb"stands for Ikebukuro. LUVR translates into "I'm willing to have sex with you", while 1800 is the time, 18:00 or 6PM.

Yukichi refers to Fukuzawa Yukichi, a Japanese writer and political theorist from the 19th century, and, if at first he doesn't seem to have anything to do with the whole matter, he does, indirectly, as his face appears on the 10,000 Yen bills. So Yukichi2 means the girl's services cost 20,000 Yen - which is exactly $187 and 18 cents. Furthermore, JC stands for Junior high school, while "1" means Grade 1, the equivalent of America's 7th grade. So the entire message means "I'm in the 7th grade and we can meet in Ikebukuro at 6PM to have sex, for 20,000 Yen."

What's striking (in a bad way) is the fact that the girls are almost kids, as the 7th grade students usually have 13 years. At the moment there are no details whether the girls acted on their own or they are part of a bigger prostitution ring, but both versions only demonstrate that there's something wrong with teenagers today.

A similar case to the Japanese one appeared in 2007 in Kuweit, when mobile users received text messages like "Hi! I'm Medeena, call me and I will make you happy and satisfied." Well, at least Medeena wasn't a schoolgirl.

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