High-Res Moon Pictures Now in Google Earth

NASA brings new detailed imagery in Google's application

Google and NASA published some new high resolution photos on the official page of Google Moon as well as several detailed photos especially captured for Google Earth. As PC World reports, the new Moon imagery includes panoramic photos as well as videos and audio files recorded during the Apollo missions. If you didn't know, Google and NASA have been continuously working on the satellite imagery since December 2006 when they signed a deal in order to collaborate on this matter. Until now, Google Earth received a considerable amount of high resolution pictures captured by the NASA satellites and astronauts during the space missions.

"NASA's objective is for Google Moon to become a more accurate and useful lunar mapping platform that will be a foundation for future Web-based moon applications, much like the many applications that have been built on top of Google Maps," said Chris C. Kemp, director of strategic business development at NASA's Ames Research Center, according to PC World. "This will make it easier for scientists everywhere to make lunar data more available and accessible."

Google Earth is probably the most updated technology these days because it received lots of new functions which kept the solution in the spotlights. It all started a long time ago when the super giant Google silently released the 4.1 beta version which came with Google Maps support. Soon after that, the update mania was started and the improvements were implemented one by one in Google Earth, the application which is now supposed to be the leader of the category.

Besides the detailed imagery included in it, Google Earth also contains two new functions: Sky and Flight Simulator. While Sky allows the users to enjoy the stars and the galaxies, the Flight Simulator is meant to bring a new perspective over the photos included in the application. Using it, you can fly over a certain location and admire the beautiful panoramas provided by Google Earth.

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