High-Quality Laser Mouse Released by Tesoro

Called Shrike H2L, it has adjustable weight, among other things

Since all high-end mice follow the same principles, Tesoro had to get creative in terms of looks and feel when it designed the Shrike H2L.

For those who haven't guessed it yet, Shrike H2L is the name of the new peripheral in the photos above and below.

Its long, braided cable is just one of the features buyers can look forward to.

The main asset is the laser sensor, whose resolution is of 5,600 DPI. Naturally, adjustments can be made to it. Five resolution settings can be chosen on-the-fly actually.

On that note, Tesoro's new mouse has a polling rate of 1,000 Hz, local storage of 128 KB (for macro profiles) and a total of eight buttons, including the 4-way scroll wheel.

Finally, the weight adjustment system has one 5-gram and three 10-gram weights.

European customers should find the Tesoro Shrike H2L up for sale at 49 Euro / $49-63.


Tesoro Shrike H2L Gaming Mouse (3 Images)

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