High-Power Apogee Drive II CPU Water Cooling Kit Launched

Swiftech’s new design uses their most powerful water pump

Water cooling expert company Swiftech has just announced the new Apogee Drive II CPU water cooling kit, on its official website. We’ve already made it clear where we stand on water cooling here, but Swiftech’s new product uses a powerful integrated pump.

When seeing the chance of a real improvement in cooling performance over good air cooling solutions, we tend to be a little more lenient and assume the risk of using water to cool electrical components.

Swiftech uses its most powerful water pump and the Apogee Drive II CPU water cooling kit has integrated it into the water block so only a radiator, a cooling fan and a water tank are needed.

If the results are at least 10 percent superior to what the best cooling solutions can currently offer, we’d accept the company’s asking price of $144,95 for the 1155/1366 version, $135.95 for the 2011 version and $138.95 for the AMD version.

On the other hand, if the results are less impressive than today’s best air cooling solutions, asking €115 for the 1155/1366 version, €107 for the 2011 version and €111 for the AMD version will definitely be overpricing.


Swiftech's Apogee Drive II Water Cooling Block with Integrated Pump (5 Images)

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