High-Performance All-in-One Liquid CPU Coolers Launched by Corsair

The Hydro Series H110 and H90 have been formally announced

Water cooling systems take up a lot of space, and there sometimes isn't enough room for the water reservoir inside the case, so it is left outside. Corsair wanted to make sure none of that ugliness was necessary.

That is why it has introduced a couple of closed-loop liquid coolers from the Hydro Series, both of which are already available. They are called H110 and H90.

They have huge radiators and two hoses that let the special coolant flow to and from the enhanced copper cold plate.

The main difference between the H110 and H90 is that the former's radiator is large enough for two fans, and the latter only has a square block with one spinner.

In both cases, however, the fans have a diameter of 140 mm, which makes even the H90 larger than other closed-loop liquid coolers.

Speaking of which, the 140 mm fans are designed not to spin too quickly, since the coolant goes chilly easily and it helps to keep things quiet.

Either way, the static pressure fans definitely move more air than 120 mm ones.

"Many PC enthusiasts choose liquid cooling for its extreme cooling efficiency and quiet operation," said Thi La, senior VP and GM of memory and enthusiast component products at Corsair.

"To take liquid cooling the next level, we super-sized the Hydro Series H110 and H90, providing users our best cooling-to-noise ratio ever."

Corsair didn't want to discriminate between user groups, so it made it possible to install its new Hydro Series liquid coolers on both Intel and AMD central processing units (CPUs) and accelerated processing units (APUs).

The complete list of compatible sockets is Intel LGA 1155, LGA 1156, LGA 1366, and LGA 2011 and AMD AM2, AM3, AM3+, FM2 and FM1.

Corsair Hydro H90 has a price of $99.99 / 75-99.99 Euro, while the hydro H110 sells for $129.99 / 97.59-129.99 Euro.


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