High-End ADATA XPG RAM Released, Runs at up to 2133 MHz

Despite the low memory sales, ADATA continues to push forward

The heatspreader color doesn't really have any bearing on the performance and capacity of much of random access memory modules, but it can be a good label for such things.

ADATA is putting this idea to full use with the latest additions to the XPG line of DRAM modules for PC enthusiasts.

The heatsinks are better than the previous XPG heatspreaders, but the three colors are each associated to one performance threshold.

First off, there is the blue heatspreader, which is found on modules with a latency of CL11 and a clock speed of 1,600 MHz.

Secondly, there is the black model, for 1,600 MHz and CL9 latencies.

Finally, there are red heatspreaders, for 1,866 MHz and 2,133 MHz RAM modules and kits. The latency is of CL10.

"Top-tier enthusiasts in all countries- from gamers, to power users, to system builders demand not only the best in heat dissipation and long term stability of DRAM, but they are increasingly looking for components that improve the overall appearance or attitude of their rigs," said Ted Tsai, senior product marketing manager at ADATA.

"We will make sure our XPG DRAM line meets the demands of these groups, both technologically and aesthetically."

ADATA's press release did not specify any capacity options or kit, which probably means that there are, or will be, both 4 GB and 8 GB modules on sale, maybe even 2 GB.

The IT player did say when sales would start though. Sadly, it wasn't particularly clear here either. Instead of a precise arrival date, the ETA (estimated time of arrival) is early 2013, which can mean anything from two weeks to three months from now.

After all, "early in the year" is often used with the meaning of the first quarter (the January-March period). Time will tell if the new XPG help mend ADATA's troubled finances.

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