Hideo Kojima Loves Sony, Believes Cloud Gaming Is the Future

Games will need to make sure they always stay connected to the player

Hideo Kojima, the game developer best known for creating the Metal Gear Solid video game series, says that he loves Sony as a company and has used its products for a long time, but the future of gaming is linked to cloud and shared experiences rather than to one single platform.

The veteran designer tells Edge, quoted by VG247, that, “It’s a tough question to answer. Obviously, I do like Sony, I respect them and I have a lot of things in common with their way of thinking. I think the future of gaming is with cloud technology and cloud gaming.”

Kojima believes that devices come and go and that the pace of change is accelerating as technology evolves.

He adds, “I don’t want to limit it to any one platform, but I’m not going to say I’m not going to participate in the events. This time I kind of would have liked to participate, but I was here tending to Rising’s world tour.”

Cloud gaming is becoming an important trend on the PC and Sony says that it will use streaming technology in order to allow players to get almost instant access to a wide range of content on the upcoming PlayStation 4.

The company is also introducing extensive sharing options on the new home console, which will also use cloud tech.

Similar features are suspected to be included in the Xbox 720 from Microsoft.

At the moment, Hideo Kojima is working on Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain, a new game experience featuring Solid Snake that will arrive on the PlayStation 3 from Sony and the Xbox 360.

The game will be linked to the previously announced open-world Ground Zeroes.

It’s unclear whether Konnami and Kojima will put both titles in the same retail package, but it seems that the stories will be tightly connected.

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