Hey Girls, Did You Know Facebook Page Gives Birth to New Shaming Trend

Some believe the shaming trend is about bullying and ridiculing girls

The “Hey Girls, Did You Know” Facebook page is ridiculed by some, but liked by many. It includes posts of girls showing other girls that they can be appreciated even without wearing a lot of make-up and revealing clothing.

According to Daily Mail, it was started in June 2012, and it has almost 40,000 Likes. Some are alarmed by the page's popularity, as it did start a “shaming” trend, as girls are being criticized and made fun of.

Some are even calling this bullying. In my opinion, it's not bullying unless it uses the name of real people and actually points at them. Until then, it's definitely a satire.

"This is so *not* bullying. If someone feels 'ashamed' of their pictures at any time, for any reason, they can just take responsibility for that, and quit posting those kind of photos," one of its users responds.

The picture above is what started it all. It was uploaded to Tumblr this summer, and has been shared many times since. You can check out the whole meme by clicking on the photo.

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